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Usage[操作方法]:type NFT ownership
create a NFT in ownership from a plain one-dimensional NFT.

1, At first, creating a plain NFT, as amount in 1.0.
1, amountを1.0で、プレーンなNFTを作ります。

2, Wait for the plain NFT's approval.(within including the blockchain)
2, そのプレーンなNFTの承認を待ちます。(ブロックチェーンに取り込まれるまで)

When approved, the balance will be 1.0. You can check by pressing "Get balance NFT".
承認されると、残高が1.0になります。"Get balance NFT"を押すことでチェックできます。

3, Include a hash of the data, you want to manage ownership in the NFT.
3, 所有権を管理したいデータのハッシュをNFTに組み込みます。

The right end is the NFT menu.
When select "Set to hash" from here, a file selection dialog will appear.
Select the file that you want to manage ownership.
"Set to hash"を選ぶと、ファイル選択ダイアログが出現いたします。

4, Wait for the "Set to hash" approval.(within including the blockchain)
4, "Set to hash"の承認を待ちます。(ブロックチェーンに取り込まれるまで)

Back to top, click "open history".
トップに戻り、"open history"をクリックいたします。

0 / 6 unconfirmed.
1 / 6 is OK. (firmly, within wait for 6 / 6)

5, Anyway, lets's confirm NFT in ownership.
5, さて、所有権の確認をしてみましょう。

Click "smart contract (qToken)".
「smart contract (qToken)」をクリックいたします。

After confirming that NFT symbol name is next to "Apply", click "Verify from NFT".
Then, it will open a file selection dialog.
Select the file that you want to confirm ownership.
"Apply"ボタンの横にNFTシンボル名があるのを確認後、"Verify from NFT"を押します。

[Valid] There is no problem. It matched, you are the owner.

[Invalid] it no matched. Therefore, you aren't the owner.

6, Let's send the ownership to other party.
6, 所有権を第三者に渡してみましょう。

Just only send 1.0 balance to the other party.
You can send the NFT in the same way as a conventional token. Please refer to the following.


Mining pools [SORA/SorachanCoin]