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* Usage: [SORA] Neural Network, the "FromHDDtoSSD v3"

* [SORA] How to use Coins/NFT/Neural Network, features?

[Install] Web3.0/CryptoCurrency SORA Blockchain
[Each pubkey L and H is 256 bytes] SORA Quantum resistance secret/public keys.
[SORA Neural Network] Only 16 passphrase fully restore wallet.
[SORA Neural Network] Crypto memo by Blockchain
[SORA Neural Network] NFT Smart Contract by quantum resistance key
[SORA Neural Network] NFT "sorascan(transactions)" in Smart Contract.
[SORA Neural Network] HDD/SSD/NVMe scan feature.(4-dim: NFT)

* How to use HDD/SSD/RAID etc .. features?

S.M.A.R.T. is primarily a function for monitoring the health of hardware, and its accuracy in predicting failures is limited. The fact that predicting failures is challenging, and the observation that data fluctuations are scarce, serves as one of the factors explaining its limited accuracy. By combining other factors and methods, more effective failure prediction may become possible.

The screenshot is in Japanese, but we have prepared a full English version of all features.