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SORA L2 Blockchain - the FromHDDtoSSD: Wallet, Inspection, Statistics by chain project
[AI / AI-NFT / Crypto service]

Maximum issuance amount 8,000,000
Current circulating supply https://us.junkhdd.com:7350/ext/getmoneysupply
Block explorer https://us.junkhdd.com:7350/
Block generation time 3 minutes
Hashing algorithm Scrypt
Consensus PoW + PoS Hybrid
PoW reward 1 SORA / block
PoS reward 3% / year
WhitePaper >>Japanese version, English version
>>Japanese version, Indonesian version
Exchenges click here [XeggeX, BitxOnex, Finexbox]

Q: Are there any companies utilizing the SORA blockchain?

A: Yes, there are. Features of SORA that utilize the SORA blockchain, such as the drive inspection function, have been adopted by major Japanese computer sales and repair companies. [e.g. Akihabara, Tokyo]
We will continue to steadily increase the use cases of the blockchain.
Thank you for your understanding.

We have entered into a special partnership with CryptoSky for marketing. We will be actively pursuing our initiatives.

[OfficialSite] SORA project

Quantum Resistance, however, in reality, it seems that the current system might be sufficient for about another 30 years. Surprisingly, the situation might resolve in this system.


CoinMarketCap, CoinCodex [SORA]

CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/sorachancoin/
CoinCodex: https://coincodex.com/crypto/sorachancoin/

D, Exchanges

** XeggeX **
SORA/USDT: https://xeggex.com/market/SORA_USDT
SORA/DOGE: https://xeggex.com/market/SORA_DOGE
liquidity pool:
SORA/USDT: https://xeggex.com/pool/SORA_USDT
SORA/DOGE: https://xeggex.com/pool/SORA_DOGE

XeggeX displays a "progress status" from deposit to withdrawal, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. Transactions are executed instantly, and the website design is intuitive, allowing even first-time users to navigate and operate without confusion. The platform's high ratings, coupled with the public display of the "Proof of Reserve" demonstrating the transparency of customer assets, further attest to its trustworthiness. Having personally used it, We are deeply impressed by its user-friendliness.
And, when a price is set, we have activated a liquidity pool to ensure stable trading at that price. Please be assured.

** BitxOnex **
SORA/USDT: https://www.bitxonex.com/market/sorausdt
SORA/DOGE: https://www.bitxonex.com/market/soradoge

BitxOnex is a new exchange. The deposit and withdrawal processes were particularly fast and smooth. Just note that there is a minimum unit for transactions, so please be mindful of that.

** Finexbox **
SORA/BTC: https://www.finexbox.com/market/pair/SORA-BTC.html

Finexbox has a long-standing track record. While it's a bit heavy and deposits and withdrawals can be slow, there are no issues to be concerned about.

** SORA mining pools **

SORA SorachanCoin Official mining pools [PoW/Scrypt]


Supported restration from 16 passphrase to HD Wallet.

Smart Contract transactions ... sorascan.

Smart Contract, send and tokens, supported quantum resistance key.

Stat Analysis via NFTs (n-dim direct product or 1-dim quotient topology).

** SORA Neural Network Features. **

[Install] Web3.0/CryptoCurrency SORA Blockchain
[Each pubkey L and H is 256 bytes] SORA Quantum resistance secret/public keys.
[SORA Neural Network] Only 16 passphrase fully restore wallet.
[SORA Neural Network] Crypto memo by Blockchain
[SORA Neural Network] NFT Smart Contract by quantum resistance key
[SORA Neural Network] NFT "sorascan(transactions)" in Smart Contract.
[SORA Neural Network] HDD/SSD/NVMe scan feature.(4-dim: NFT)

** A drive test: SSD, SSD/NVMe, then HDD **