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** Welcome to SORA Neural Network, the "FromHDDtoSSD v3" **

FromHDDtoSSD v3, safety of both your drive and data with Blockchain!

Are you familiar with the S.M.A.R.T. feature designed to predict the failure of drives?
This S.M.A.R.T. functionality exists for the following purposes:

1, Up until the very brink of a drive's failure, S.M.A.R.T. displays a "Good" status.
2, Then, the drive fails. Users who had trusted this "Good" status and lacked backups end up losing their data.
3, When they contact support, they are presented with an expensive data recovery service estimate.

In conclusion, this feature seems to be implemented more as a dubious "business" strategy than a genuine helpful tool.
Therefore, to protect data, we have been developed drive inspection functionalities for 15 years.

These comprehensive inspection features have been generously incorporated into "FromHDDtoSSD v3 and Blockchain SORA", ensuring the safety of both your drive and data.

[OfficialSite] SORA project

Quantum Resistance, however, in reality, it seems that the current system might be sufficient for about another 30 years. Surprisingly, the situation might resolve in this system.


[Community] The Dragons cave cryptocurrency community


** SORA mining pools **

SORA SorachanCoin Official mining pools [PoW/Scrypt]


CoinMarketCap [SORA]



We are planning to gradually increase the number of exchanges on a "monthly basis" from Sep-2023. Stay tuned!


Supported restration from 16 passphrase to HD Wallet.

Smart Contract transactions ... sorascan.

Smart Contract, send and tokens, supported quantum resistance key.

Stat Analysis via NFTs (n-dim direct product or 1-dim quotient topology).

** SORA Neural Network Features. **

[Install] Web3.0/CryptoCurrency SORA Blockchain
[Each pubkey L and H is 256 bytes] SORA Quantum resistance secret/public keys.
[SORA Neural Network] Only 16 passphrase fully restore wallet.
[SORA Neural Network] Crypto memo by Blockchain
[SORA Neural Network] NFT Smart Contract by quantum resistance key
[SORA Neural Network] NFT "sorascan(transactions)" in Smart Contract.
[SORA Neural Network] HDD/SSD/NVMe scan feature.(4-dim: NFT)

** A drive test:
SSD, SSD/NVMe, HDD, USB-flashmemory, SD-flashmemory **


** About SORA project **

SORA project is a completely independent and neutral organization that develops and supports blockchain's management.