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Usage: Web3.0/NFT FromHDDtoSSD v3 by SORA Network

◇ At first, Let's create a "HD Wallet" by 16 passphrase.

1, At First, view dialog(wizard) below.
upper 16 passphrase for HD Wallet, under passphrase for lock/unlock wallet.
Please prepare your 16 phrases in advance.
These will allow you to fully restore your unique wallet.
Once you have finished entering your 16 phrases, press the OK button at the bottom right.

About the "Auto" button:
It automatically generates a wallet with a strong random number. In this case, it does not support restoration from 16 phrases, so please ensure to backup the "walletsql.dat" file which serves as your wallet data.

2, Begin to building HD Wallet, please wait a little.

3, Complete!

◇ If port from RandomWallet to HDWallet below way.
At first, Let's create a "HD Wallet" by 16 passphrase.

Immediately after startup at first, click "open tools" without touching anything else.

16 passphrase(max 14 length) enter, then click button bellow.

Successful create a HD Wallet. Welcome to SrachanCoin!

Select "No", Because rescan is not needed for new creations.

Enabled HD Wallet. thanks. Next, Let's encrypt wallet.
Put passphrase in the top and middle(confirmation) edit, and click "encrypt SORA".

Then, all you only use like conventional random wallet.
Not to mention backup, no hardware wallet or paper wallet are required too.
All you only need 16 passphrase.

◇ By the way, Really? restore balance by 16 passphrase Only?

Yes. Operate in the same way as the first time, and it comes to the following screen.

Select "Yes", Because need to rescan restored HD Wallet.

Finished rescan, Enabled HD Wallet and restore balance.
* Completely rescan, recover Balance, then, don't forget encrypt wallet.

◇ Next, Let's get a coins.

Wait for the Blockchain to sync.

Click "deposit SORA", and "copy to clipboard". the address copy to clipboard.

◇ Then, Let's send a coins.

First, to unlock the wallet. Enter passphrase in the editor above and click "to stake SORA".
Next, click "many send SORA".

Enter Address and amount and click "Add".
Enter all address you want to send with "Add" and last click "to send SORA".