FromHDDtoSSD v3
SORA Network

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usage: FromHDDtoSSD v3 with Blockchain stat-scan and wallet

* [FromHDDtoSSD v3] usage: stat-scan operation method

1, Wait for the Blockchain to sync.

* The first, it will take several hours to synchronize until synced.
After Blockchain synchronization, it will be faster because only the difference will be available.

2, We will check the balance for the network fee.
(One time, scan consumes 0.03 - 0.04 SORA. Therefore, it has confirmed 1.00 SORA or higher.)
* To add a balance, click "deposit address" and the receiving address will be copied and pasted.
It can receive with withdraw of Discord (SorachanCoin).
(From our side, about 200,000 DOGE is reserved for "distribution" for the time being)

* Enter Discord server (SorachanCoin), and enter "#rain-room".
Then, type "+reg". Registration is now complete.
You can check the balance with "+bal",
and get the SORA thrown with "+catch" (which is carried out regularly).
Once you have accumulated a certain amount, you can move to FromHDDtoSSD with "+withdraw".
*** +withdraw syntax: +withdraw address amount ***
Addresses always start with S.
Click "deposit address" and it will be copied and pasted automatically.

3, Enter the passphrase in the upper column of the lower right wallet and unlock with "to stake SORA". (When encrypted)

We recommend wallet encryption even for drive scan purposes only.
* Because if it is not set, you can move out from "to send SORA".
Enter the passphrase you want to set in the upper column of the lower right wallet and click "encrypt SORA".
In addition, a wallets are often necessary to restart when encrypting, but ... FromHDDtoSSD is no longer necessary.

4, Set check the red circle below from the full/advanced scan settings.

5, After choosing the drive, click the top button (same as full scan).

6, A stat-scan will start based on the Blockchain information.

7, The analysis accuracy below is high enough, and if it is all green, it is OK.
* If there is no warning in the "Warning message tab" on the right, it is OK.