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How to use HDD/SSD/RAID by blockchain, what is FromHDDtoSSD?
recognition drive setting operation method

* usage: recognition drive setting operation method

It can be used when modifying a drive that has been recognized as HDD to SSD. Open this feature from "Menu" → "Recognized drive settings".

* No.1 is the drive that is currently operation and the drive that has been connected even once in the past.

If operation, the right column is marked with a circle("○"). If "×", a drive is not currently connected and has only been connected once in the past. Also here, check the left end so that can process all at once.

* No.2 can reset the cumulative scan time.

Returns the cumulative scan time that accompanies a full scan to 0 seconds.

* No.3 and No.4 can switch between HDD and SSD.

Please use when required to use a HDD and absolutely need to switch it temporarily. Especially in the case of an external drive, there are many cases where ATA command does not work well and is mistakenly recognized. If restart this software, will return to the original state, and only temporary.

* No.5, The drive information set to default.